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Precautions to Take as Summer Drought Continues

Dear Scheer Landscape Co. Customer,
Store With the continuation of the drought from last year and the very dry spring and summer so far this year; it will take several 24 hour showers to alleviate the lack of moisture in the ground. It is imperative that we continue to water our plants correctly. Please remember that newly installed plant(s) cannot rely on watering from an irrigation system alone for at least 1-2 years after being planted.

How to check newly installed plants (1-2 yrs):
  • Dig down at least 6-12" next to the root ball (go deeper with larger trees)
  • Then dig slightly into the side of the root ball to check the root ball soil
    • The soil around the root ball may be wet while the soil in the root ball bone dry (or vice versa). We want the root ball to be moist, not just the soil around the tree.
  • Squeeze the soil from the root ball; if it holds together it is good; if it breaks apart, crumbles, or is powdery (this would be considered extreme) watering is needed.

Recommended watering:
  • Run a hose on a slow drip at the base of the plant(s) that need more water (in addition to irrigation systems).
  • If plant(s) are on a slope, put the hose at the base of the plant(s) at the highest point.
  • Trees should run for 12-24 hours (once every 7-14 days).
    • For extremely dry trees, 2-3 days of watering in a row may be needed at first.
  • Shrubs should run for 4-8 hours (depending on variety and size).

For questions regarding watering, please call us (636) 239-9898. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have about your plants if they look stressed.

Thank You,
Scheer Landscape Company